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The scholar Slobodan Šćepanović for 1991 cited demographics of the Vraka area.Omaraj had 79 households, 67 were Orthodox Montenegrin and 11 Albanian; Gril 85 households, 76 Orthodox Montenegrin and 9 Albanian; Boriç i Vogël 75 households, 67 Orthodox Montenegrin and 8 Albanian; Boriç i Madh had 112 families, 86 Muslim Podgoriçani, 6 Orthodox Montenegrin and 20 Albanian families.Vladimir was later slewn by the Bulgars, and received a cult; Shingjon (the feast of St.Jovan Vladimir), which is celebrated by the Albanian Orthodox Christians.In 1330 Stefan Uroš III appointed his son Stefan Dušan as the "Young King" and ruler of Zeta seated in Shkodër.

These communities of the Fier area are either Orthodox (estimated by Serb sources to be some 2,000) or declare as Serbs of the Muslim faith and have local cultural associations that work within the community toward Serbian language revitalization efforts.The South Slavs ("Sklavenoi") began raiding Byzantine territories in the 520s and had conquered Durrës and most of Epirus and Macedonia in 548. 913–959) the early Serbs lived in the former Roman provinces of Dalmatia, Praevalitana and Moesia. 927-960), most of Albania was part of Bulgaria (eastern) and the Byzantine Empire (Dyrrhachium (theme), western maritime).After the Byzantine annexation of Raška, the Serbian principality of Duklja succeeded as the main Serb state and it included much of the land north of Durrës, with Shkodër being an important city. 997–1014) had by 997 conquered all of Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, and most of modern Albania.The first Ottoman censuses (1431, 14) show such substantial presence of Slavic toponyms.In 1582, in Ottoman defter "Tahrir defterleri", most of northern Albania had Serb populations; the Sanjak of Scutari had 81,700 Serbs, while Durrës Sandjak had 8,600 Serbs.

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