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The only suggestion that Piriform has is to update to the most recent version.The compromised versions of CCleaner and CCleaner Cloud were distributed for nearly a month.Use these tools to help you make an informed decision when deciding on an antivirus solution.

The compromise could cause the transmission of non-sensitive data (computer name, IP address, list of installed software, list of active software, list of network adapters) to a 3rd party computer server in the USA.The researchers think it is likely that “an external attacker compromised a portion” of Piriform’s development or build environment, and used the access to insert the malware into the CCleaner build.Another option that the researchers consider is that an insider included the malicious code.We have no indications that any other data has been sent to the server.Paul Yung, the company’s VP of products, published a technical assessment of the attack on the company blog as well.

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Security researchers of Cisco’s Talos Group revealed details about the successful supply chain attack.

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