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Azdg dating belgiun

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Note: At some point USPS converted its website from to https:, but without forwarding the old URLs to the new ones, thus breaking every USPS link in this page, and in many other pages too, no doubt.

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Barthélemy; Diego García) Fridjon Gudjohnsen (Iceland). [ Next ] [ Top ] [ Contents ] [ Index ] [ Home ] This document tries to describe – or invent when necessary – conventions for addressing postal mail from within the USA to other countries that are both (a) effective (i.e.

All opinions and conclusions are those of the author (or the contributors or references cited).

(Peter) Mazereeuw, John Robertson (the ex-Netherlands Antilles).

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Marjan Baće, Sindi Keesan, David Vidmar, Bojan Milenkovic (The Former Yugoslavia).

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