Backdating vat

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Backdating vat

In the above Standard VAT Accounting Scheme example, the turnover is below the VAT Registration Threshold, but the business could still register voluntarily.The company would pass on to HMRC, the £10,000 VAT charged to customers, and would also be able to reclaim the £400 VAT incurred on Expenses. If the same business instead elected for the Flat Rate Scheme, it would not be able to reclaim the £400 incurred on Expenses.If you have been VAT registered for more than one year, when you switch to FRS, you will not be entitled to the 1% first year discount.These links will take you to more information on the HMRC website: VAT Invoice When to register Introduction to VAT HMRC Flat Rate Scheme Guide HMRC Notice 733.standard rate at 20%, and raise your invoices as normal - there is no difference here between the FRS and the standard VAT scheme.   A:  Add up your total gross sales, ie.    B:  Find the appropriate FRS Rate for your type of business.    D:  Do not reclaim any Input Tax (apart from on some capital expenditure).Advisers often assume that many income sources for a business can be excluded from the scheme, e.g.

It is not yet clear whether costs usually described as "services", rather than "goods", eg.

You cannot claim any VAT back on purchases/expenses, apart from on some capital purchases.

You must continue to charge your customers VAT at your normal rate, eg.

So for a business on 16.5%, for every £1 of VAT it charges its customers, 99p will be paid to HMRC.

Consequently many businesses, above the registration threshold (2016/17: £83,000), will move to the standard VAT scheme and will reclaim VAT on costs.

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There are many potential pitfalls with the FRS which can result in errors on VAT returns if the various quirks are not understood.

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