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Rumours also have it that the nawab ordered the hands of the farmer who had cut the draft to be chopped off.

Interestingly, the fruit from this tree still go to the descendants of the nawab who now reside in cities.

Keep pressing the body of the mango gently to loosen and soften its flesh within so that it comes in your mouth smoothly without any hindrance.Street vendors and other fruits stalls never looked so bright and beautiful before!Check out other famous varieties of mangoes in India here.Fret not; just buy a few kilos of Dasheri that need no knife to peel or slice them and no plate to serve them on.Just suck the juice out of it to fill your mouth with unbelievable freshness, taste, and an aroma that will linger long after you are done with it.

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The dug up roads and the rush of students after school hours led to the messy situation.

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