C programming validating user input

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C programming validating user input

I also noticed the function call of "void prompt And Wait()" this was an oversight and I have made the corrections.The if statements was not corrected that is why I used the switch statements and still the validation did not work at the default case.Along those same lines, it might also have an expanded name that describes the TLD.Since you're in the early stages of developing your skills, you may have some difficulty understanding how some of these recommendations may be useful to you at this point.That's why you should tell us what you think should happen at the switch.If I had to make a guess, I would guess something like this...Problem I have is that I cant seem to validate the 'char' input, I tried some validation type but it did not work I thought the switch statement should take care of that. Lastly i know the code is cubersome, I just wanted to practise defining functions with parameters and referencing them form main function. If you look at your user-defined functions, they all return void. What you may want to try doing is to create a function that produces the conversion result based on any input values. In a "real world" application, those rates would likely be read from some kind of data source, so a table would probably be a good choice. You'll notice that I used char* rather than a single char, since it is rather difficult to use one char to represent all of the possible currencies of the world. Are those Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Bahamas, Barbados, Eastern Caribbean, Fiji, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Singapore, Taiwan or some other dollars?The console shows then disappear before I can see the result when I enter an invalid character. See the code below Also I had to use cin.get() in all functions except the main, is this a normal practise? Of course, since this is C , we'd probably expect to see: rather than char*.

Usually, in C we'd create a class to represent the notion of whatever a Currency is.

Luckily, I was able to parse through the extra characters one-by-one and get something working.

Basically i have this task to get 2 inputs stored into num1 and num2 of int type.

Here you will of course have to know the directory. Command "cd [directory]" changes the directory (type "cd /? Or if you really want to take the easy way, just right after starting the command prompt type "cd /d D:\kimmo\ohjelmointi\Ohjelmat\gidforums".

I don't if this works in Dev-c , but it does in wx Dev-c . Note that if you are developing a "project" in Dev-c instead of just a "source file", your executable will probably be in folder "output\mingw".

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Thus you won't get any error messages from this kind of code. A prototype might look like: You can use a table of exchange rate(s), or you can modify the prototype to take the relevant factors.