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For others, parents and their advisors need to find programs to engage the child in prosocial activities while at the same time rebuilding his or her sense of competence and self-confidence.

Mason Associates monitors and regularly visits the rich array of interesting programs, here and overseas, that is emerging to serve these young adults; new ones constantly are popping up.

We’ve heard many sad stories, after the fact from parents, about time and money wasted because there was not enough attention paid to finding the best “fit” for the special post-secondary placement at the beginning of the process.

Mason Associates has years of experience dealing successfully with slow-starting young adults.

Parents are rebuffed when they try to help their child break out of the downward spiral.One large category of programs deals with late adolescents who have significant academic or social learning differences.This group would include students with language-based learning differences, processing-speed deficits, Asperger’s, NLD or autistic spectrum disorders.Teen treatment have accredited high school academics with dynamic clinically based and/or milieu driving treatment.Most treatment centers include family, individual and group treatment.

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For your young adult who may need a diagnostic, stabilization, assessment or residential treatment to stepping into community based treatment support either residentially or telephonically.

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