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This way it reduces the release risk by covering almost all regression defects at an early stage rather than finding and fixing those at the end of the release cycle.Automated Regression Testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts.If test cases are varying from time to time, the application scope goes on increasing and then automation of regression procedure will be the waste of time.Most of the regression test tools are record and playback type.This is a continuous process performed at various stages throughout the software testing lifecycle.A best practice is to conduct regression test after the sanity or smoke testing and at the end of functional testing for a short release.In order to conduct effective testing, regression test plan should be created.This plan should outline the regression testing strategy and the exit criteria.

Most of the time testing team has the task to check the last minute changes in the system.

In such cases, selective tests need to be executed in order to save testing cost and time.

These selective test cases are picked based on the enhancements done to the system and the parts where it can affect the most.

Performance testing is also a part of this test to make sure that the system performance is not affected due to the changes made in the system components.

Regression testing best practices: Run automated test cases every day in the evening so that any regression side effects can be fixed in next days build.

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Regression testing is usually performed after verification of changes or a new functionality. For the release that is taking months to complete, regression tests must be incorporated in the daily test cycle.