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Chinatowndating com

Earlier this year, I discovered the Old Chinatown area while on a walking tour with Charles Phoenix. At the core of Chinatown is a historic area known as Old Chinatown that has been there for over 75 years. Several years ago, I visited Chinatown a few times with friends for dim sum at Empress Pavilion.

I would guess the Shin-Yokohama museum inspired the company to open their own museum.

It had some basic facts and explained that small ramen shops typically utilize a ticket machine outside the restaurant.

You push the button for the ramen and extras you want, pay and you get a ticket.

Lately I’ve been eating kind of pricey ramen once a week at Ippudo NYC, which is absolutely incomparable to instant ramen and the best ramen I’ve eaten anywhere.

The centerpiece of the museum is a recreation of a block or so from 1958, at the birth of instant ramen.

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Though not explained the restaurant clearly no longer needs a cashier or the space it consumes as well as the ramen makers can keep their hands clean without handling money.