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The counselor noted that the boy wet his pants twice during the interview, and said Laura Bridges had instructed him to soil himself during visits with Blanton.A social worker testified that Blanton was a fit mother with a tidy, 'safe' home and noted that she had custody of her other children — two older boys and a younger daughter.But the AP found that some young congregants have been separated from their parents for up to a decade - bounced from family to family - as leaders strive to keep them in the church.In addition, three single mothers told the AP that a longtime Word of Faith Fellowship member who was a county court clerk, bypassed the foster system and eventually won permanent custody of their children, even though a judge called the clerk's conduct inappropriate.Pictured above, its leader Jane Whaley (right) and her husband, Sam Dozens of interviews and hundreds of pages of court records, police reports and social services documents show that Word of Faith Fellowship's leaders and members used positions of authority, intimidation or deception to bring children into the church's folds or keep them from leaving An ongoing investigation by AP has cited dozens of former members as saying congregants were regularly punched and choked in an effort to 'purify' sinners.Victims of the violence included pre-teens and toddlers - even crying babies, they said.Dating a pregnancy from fertilization goes against convention.

States that do not explicitly enumerate the manner in which gestational age should be determined are labeled as "LMP" in keeping with standard medical practice.£ A 2016 New York Attorney General opinion determined that the state’s law conflicts with U. Supreme Court rulings on abortion, and that abortion care is permissible under the U. Constitution to protect a woman’s health, or when the fetus is not viable.

Even as she battled desperately for her young son, one of the three women had told a judge that, if she could not have him, the boy would be better off in foster care due to the church's abusive nature.

In every case, children's lives were under the total control of founder Jane Whaley and the leaders enforcing her rules.

Former members told the AP of at least two dozen such cases, which they attributed to the church trying to keep minors from leaving the congregation.

Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, North Carolina, has regularly used its muscle to turn children against their parents in custody cases before abusing them for years, an investigation has revealed.

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Two of the mothers said the clerk approached them and offered to temporarily keep the children while they served their jail time.