Dating espana

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Dating espana

Spain’s rich history can be seen all over Madrid; from the Plaza de Cibeles to Don Quixote to the Museo del Prado where you’ll find works by Velasquez, Goya, and El Greco.

Northeast of Madrid is Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain as well as the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

Located here, is the royal palace, the largest in Western Europe.

It became the royal residence in 1561, was rebuilt after a fire in 1734 and today, is used only for ceremonial purposes.

In the streets of Barcelona, not only will you hear Catalan as well as Spanish but you’ll also be surrounded by the work of artists like Miró, Picasso and Gaudí.

And if you’re really lucky, you might catch a dash of flamenco not on a stage but in its rawest, most authentic form as a spontaneous outburst late at night in a backstreet bar.Most experts believe Flamenco originated between the 9th and 14th century when gypsies arrived from north India, via Egypt, and Eastern Europe and fused their music with cultural arrivals from North Africa.In addition to influencing Spanish music, the North African Moorish presence in Spain has shaped Andalucian architecture.Now you will become popular among pretty people who will beg for a date with you!Here at Flirt we know how to make your dating secure and increase your chances of finding someone you'd definitely like!

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With origins dating back thousands of years it is both ritualistic and ceremonial. Another deeply Spanish cultural performance is Flamenco.