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They manage to activate the ship and return to Earth.After attempting to communicate with Earth, they hear the sounds of static and transmissions of people being slaughtered by Necromorphs.It is unknown whether this is another hallucination or actually what is happening.

They then found out about a Unitoligist ship that can take them back to Earth.

He agrees to install the Shockpoint Drive into the Terra Nova.

However, Carver then recalls that the Audio Logs hinted that the reactor could not power up enough energy in the engine to go into shockspace and return to Earth.

After Isaac and Carver have a hallucination of fighting each other, the hallucination is interrupted by another hallucination, in which the Brethren Moons reveal that they were only slowing Isaac and Carver down, and that they have known where Earth was all along.

After regaining his sanity, Isaac admits that Carver was right all along.

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