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Eleftherotypia online dating

Efimerida ton Syntakton (The Editors' Newspaper) is the successor to Eleftherotypia, which went bankrupt for the first time in 2011.It was founded by the journalists who worked for that paper and is supported by the voluntary work of several journalists, artists, academics, politicians, activists and regular citizens. TAXISnet is not available in English or any other language, but an estimated 2.5 million taxpayers qualify to file online.The Ministry of Finance makes it mandatory that everyone with a job or a business submit taxes online — either privately or through an accountant — in a bid to streamline processes, save money, save trees and make audits easier.The deadline to file electronically is June 15, 2011.

Many countries have double taxation treaties, and embassies/consulates sometimes provide information on such issues or have a list of recommended consultants. To find out whether you need to file, please consult an adept accountant or call/visit the eforia (DOY) nearest your legal residence to inquire.

If you need a recommendation, ask someone you know and trust or see if the embassy/consulate has a list, then interview a few and select one based on personal preference.

Many times you cannot know if an accountant is knowledgeable until you witness what he/she can do and check their work by asking questions at the tax office. — — GSIS 2011 Deadlines — Info gathered from 13 years of experience with the eforia and completing my own tax forms for six of them.

Instructions and Advice from the Ministry of Finance can be downloaded or read at, “.

All are in Greek, and I have no plans to translate them.

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For the past seven years, I have employed an adept accountant who files my forms for a small fee.

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