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Just wondering about something: I'm Asian, with a bit of Dutch heritage, but look more Asian.

With them I form long lasting bonds/friendships basically. ) Anglo-American culture has a bit of a white-supremacy syndrome, whereas much of Western Europe is pretty open minded to outside cultures and people.

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Serbia/Hungary are tough to crack, but Western Poland, Warsaw, Slovakia, and Czech Republic are all very doable.

Not sure about Russia or Ukraine, but I need to find out.

The North American girls (Americans/Canadians) hardly ever initiate anything..even if I message them, they don't reply..if they do, usually it's very short, and then I never hear from them anymore. Not to say that white chicks in the US won't hookup with anyone who's not white, they just don't have that excitement for the "other" that Western Europeans do (unless they're "liberals" who went to progressive universities).

In social networking/penpal sites, I notice a very common trend: usually it's the non-North American girls (mostly Europeans, followed by South Americans and Asians) who initiate conversations with me..heavily flirt, send smilies, write messages, etc.

I would strongly argue Europe is more racist than the U.

S, and are not as open to other cultures as North Americans/Americans.

I actually think this is false, East Asians have no stereotypes or advantages working for them at all.

This is some sort of huge fallacy or made up thing.

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