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Filipino chat cyber sex

At my suggestion Lani had taken a lover several months previous.

You can read her adventures in “Sharing my wife Lani for the first time” and Diary of a shared wife.” To reiterate, she’s a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian Filipino with a built in tan and a bodacious body built for sin.

They began their intimate relationship in a hotel in Waikiki.

Following that Mikee came to our house for a threesome a few times and they continued having torrid couplings in his apartment, sometimes with me present, but most times not.

The tip of his nose pressed into her tight little rosebud as he inhaled her rich female aroma. Oh yes tongue me, tongue me’ she moaned around the shaft in her mouth.”Let me feel your teeth,” he groaned into her pink folds.

He then began feverishly licking and sucking at her naked sex, wringing squeals and moans of pleasure from her lips. Withdrawing his wet cock, she began nibbling and raking her teeth up and down his shaft, causing shivers to run through his body.

I sat captivated by this hot scene from my place of concealment as Mikee ran his hands all over her lush brown body.

As if in a trance, I watched as her red painted lips parted, taking his head inside before gliding down the full length until he was fully buried in her throat. Lani shrieked as she felt his tongue tease her tight nether hole, continuing to attack him with abandon.

I watched excitedly at the continued pleasuring with their mouths, preparing each others sex for what was to come.

I preferred to listen over the phone so they could have uninhibited sex, while I anxiously awaited her return, anticipating her story and the taste of her well used pussy before having wild sex of our own. In preparation, we moved the furniture and spread a sheet on the living room carpet along with a few pillows.

The room was illuminated only by moonlight flowing through several large windows.

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Renewing her attentions to his rod, wetting it with her tongue then once again taking him fully into her hot mouth.