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On September 12, 1940, the entrance to the Lascaux Cave was discovered by 18-year-old Marcel Ravidat.Ravidat (died in 1995) returned to the scene with three friends, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agnel, and Simon Coencas, and entered the cave via a long shaft.Where the rock surface is softer, some designs have been incised into the stone.Many images are too faint to discern, and others have deteriorated entirely.The teenagers discovered that the cave walls were covered with depictions of animals.Galleries that suggest continuity, context or simply represent a cavern were given names.

At its centre point, the river's course is marked by a series of meanders flanked by high limestone cliffs that determine the landscape.

The most famous section of the cave is The Hall of the Bulls where bulls, equines, and stags are depicted.

The four black bulls, or aurochs, are the dominant figures among the 36 animals represented here.

Also represented are cattle and bison, each representing 4 to 5% of the images.

A smattering of other images include seven felines, a bird, a bear, a rhinoceros, and a human.

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Over 900 can be identified as animals, and 605 of these have been precisely identified.