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Those which present two or more forms whose uses were separated from one another by a more or less distinct cleavage with respect to time : that is to say, when one form of transliteration was employed, the other form or forms were not in use. Those which present two or more forms which overlap in respect to a certain period, that is to say, a period during which both were employed, while before that period the one form was in exclusive use, and after it the other form or forms were employed. But we must also take into consideration that wider form of variation which consists in the diversity of the transliteration of certain letters or combinations of letters at different periods. A further reason for citing the evidence of Plutarch on this question is that advocates of the w pronunciation of the Latin v, well aware that his transliterations in j3 constitute a great difficulty in the establishment of their theory, have always sought 16 THE LATIN LETTER F G. I will first take the statistics of individual names, and then those of the number of instances in which they occur in Plutarch. "When we take the instances in which these names occur in Plutarch, the contrast is much more striking. 19 It can hardly be doubted that if statistics of the number of instances were attainable, they would, as in the case of authors, aiford still more striking evidence of the official tendency. The name Valerius, the most common name on the consular lists, is very rarely transliterated by ft either in authors or in inscriptions, and its ov transliteration is very persistent, so that we find it so late as the second half of the sixth century. Of this form there are two examples; and there is a place-name Cullingford. The variants in transliteration may be divided for our present purpose into four classes : A. Thus far I have been speaking of variation in individual proper names. If we turn to the author Plutarch, in whom the tendency to the /3 transliteration is most marked, the evidence is still more striking. to explain them away, usually on the ground that the trans- literations in his received text are not contemporary with the author himself. Eight names are transliterated by both ov and /3, there being 49 instances of ov and 31 of p. Of these, 10 are transliterated by ov only, 14 by /3 only, 1 by both ov and /3. 17 two striking individual cases of the official tendency. For the purpose of 'the comparison of inscriptional and literary transliterations the decisive evidence must be drawn from the variants. In the authors up to and including Plutarch 24 separate consular and imperial names and 47 unofficial names containing the Latin v are found. Eckinger, and, in point of fact, the evidence since available is entirely in agreement with that cited by him. under the Republic the consular names, and under the Principate the names both imperial and consular, would, if my hypothesis be correct, display a preference for the ov transliteration. D., are satisfactorily established on the evidence adduced by Dr. I must preface what I am going to say by pointing out that the names commonly used in the dating of years, i.e. The constants, that is, those proper names the transliteration of which remains the same in form from the time of their first appearance in Greek literature up to the end of the third century A. The evidence that such an official tendency was developed, apart from that of the papyri, which may, in a sense, be called as witnesses in their own case, is somewhat strong.

, etc., and in fa Xrj'iot for 'HXet W even on coins. Albans," 1486, entitled " The Compaynys of beestys and fowlys," and similar lists. I will now turn to the evidence of the inscriptions with regard to those forms of variation, and will compare in each case the inscriptional evidence with the facts existent in the Greek texts of certain authors. (For details refer to Table I, at the end of the paper.) 1. In point of fact it appears in Dionysius of Halicarnassus. Of these, 12 are transliterated by ov only ; 8 are transliterated by /3 only ; but, of these last, 3 are names which, prior to Plutarch's time, appear on the last occasion in the consular lists of 210 B. Of these 181 are transliterated in ov and 62 in y3 ; whereas of 103 instances of unofficial names, only 33 are in ov, while 70 are in p. Eckinger's work only permits of calcu- lations being made in the case of separate names. Official con- vention is, phonetically speaking, an artificial tendency. A comparison of these conclusions with the peculiarities existent in the Egyptian papyri and in Dio Cassius will, I think, suggest that the peculiarities in the literary documents are due to official convention. knowledge of loth languages must be postulated for the purposes of this calculation. PROPER TERMS : An attempt at a rational explanation of the meanings of the Collection of Phrases in " The Book of St. This is much less precise as evidence, and therefore much more difficult to deal with, save in the case of one letter, namely, that with which we are at present concerned, the Latin v. ; thirdly, to state in which form it actually does appear in the texts of those authors. In the authors cited it should not therefore appear before Josephus. 1 Of consular and imperial names prior to Plutarch's time, and containing the letter v, 28 appear in his works. There are 243 instances of official names containing v. Never- theless, it is noticeable in the above table that only 6 per cent, of official names are found in /3 only, whereas in the case of non- official names the percentage is 37 ; and, again, 94 per cent, of official names are found with the ov transliteration, whereas only 63 per cent, of unofficial names are so transcribed. Yespasianus does not appear in transliterated form before the reign of this emperor, and is never found in inscriptions save with the ov transliteration. 2017 metų visi filmai 2017 metų geriausi filmai 2017 metų visi filmai lietuvių kalba 2016 metų geriausi filmai Filmai su liet.I s tf 1 T TRANSACTIONS PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY, 1907-1910. HERTFORD : PRINTED BY STEPHEN AUSTIN AND SONS - \ \ CONTENTS. The Transliteration :md Pronunciation of the Latin letter v.

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