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The yacht was a gift to Hermann Goering, supreme commander of the Luftwaffe, from the German motor industry in 1937 to mark Goering’s marriage to his second wife, Emmy, but was named after his first spouse, Carin, who died of TB six years earlier.

Heidemann persuaded his employers, Stern magazine, to advance him cash to acquire instalments of more than 50 volumes.

The construction and presentation attracted great public interest as it was the first vessel of its type and size to be built.

For a private vessel it had an astronomical price tag - 1.3 Million Reichsmarks.

Turned out all the diaries were forgeries, but ones which managed to fool both the Sunday Times and the British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper.

The diaries were bound in black, and about 1.5 centimeters thick.

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The entries contained historical inaccuracies and many of them had been plagiarized from Domarus’s Hitler’s Speeches and Proclamations and showed the same typos and grammatical mistakes.