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Internatus 3 evad online dating

Ingrid and Sara then approach her, and after some polite talk they propose on merging their busses.

Sana thinks it over and eventually agrees, on two conditions: The Pepsi Max girls pay for the bus, and Sana becomes the buss boss.

Yousef takes the blame for one of the bottles of Vodka that was leftover, and Sana thanks him for it over text when she gets back to her room.

They discuss the contradict about drinking and being a good Muslim, to which Yousef replies he isn't a Muslim.

The girl squad then approaches and Sana tells them about the new developments.

When they discuss who will host the buss meeting, both Eva and Noora refuse and when Sana asks Vilde she goes on to use her usual excuse.

Even then walks up to her, and says he found out Sana and Isak talked about Mikael.

Sana ensures him she hasn't said anything, and Even seems really worried that she did.

She describes Yousef, but doesn't tell her mom who he is just yet.Her mother is asking her why she was absent from the Friday's prayer, and Sana tells that she was just with Noora and Eva, not letting her know anything about the bus.Sana tells that she will join next Friday, and her mother afterwards tell her that next Friday will be the wedding of Mahmoud, and asks Sana if she wants to come. Sana starts peeling the carrots, and Yousef enters the kitchen to get something to drink.Kathryn hosts a fund-raiser for Buckner Hall, and Toby's band provides the evening's entertainment.Meanwhile, Daphne is crushed to find out that she's been dating Bay's ex-boyfriend; and John and Melody's new friendship makes Kathryn uneasy.

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Isak then approaches them an Even's behavior changes as he pretends he was asking Sana where Isak was.

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