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Do make sure you have set the any or all Match box setting correctly.

Now you know how to create one of these albums, let's explore some ways you might use them.

When you add one or more rows you will see the Match box appear just above the conditions you set.

This is where you choose to match any or all of the conditions you set.

In the Search box (top right of main Photos window) you can type words for objects like cars, trees, dogs, rivers. As time goes by you may find that you have created so many Smart and non-smart albums on you Mac that it becomes difficult to find the ones you need.

You can then select and export the results to non-smart albums that you can subsequently use as source albums for Smart Album searches. The familiar conditions browser window will appear and you can alter or delete conditions you have set until you get the Smart Album working the way you want it to. One great way to get through this is to create a new folder and pop some of your albums inside it.

These items are You aren’t confined to using only one set of criteria.

Each set of conditions is hosted on a single line, but you can add additional rows (containing new conditions) by tapping the ​ button to the right, or tap – (minus) to remove a row.

Underneath that item you will see the phrase: “Match the following condition”, under which you will usually see three drop down menus.Smart albums are like normal albums, but they are automatically kept current by the Photos app.They work because of a set of rules you dictate and then they update automatically as you add more photos to your collection.Similarly, other smart albums in Photos gather items including Screenshots, Bursts, Panoramas, Live Photos and items within pre-defined smart albums.These are all great examples of how you can use Smart Albums to create useful, intelligent collections of your photos.

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You can use them in any way you like, but these examples should help show how these smart searches can help you.