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But the fact is that what occurred at Texas State University is far more representative of the Marxist ideological veneer—or, more precisely, the Marxist straight jacket—that dominates and, in fact, throttles what passes for “higher education” these days.

The examples that can be cited are literally countless and would fill volumes.

Then, just the other day, several items came my way that relate how a writer for the student newspaper at Texas State University at San Marcos, one Rudy Martinez [a Latino], demanded that white people “die.” “Your DNA is an abomination,” he declared in the student newspaper, the “You were not born white, you became white…You have been estranged from yourself and, in that absence, have been instilled with an allegiance to a country that was never great.

One that has continuously attempted to push non-whites into non-existence through crusades that have been defended by the law.”Martinez, who is a senior philosophy major(!

Ironically, just as the Soviet Communist system finally fell (August 1991) after seven decades of totalitarian rule and Eastern Europe was being self-liberated from its forty-five years under Moscow’s boot, what Dr.

Paul Gottfried has labeled quite correctly “cultural Marxism” was triumphing in Western Europe and in the United States.

Benjamin says he now locks himself up in his bedroom because Thabile is after his life.

Meanwhile, Thabile has also filed a counter suit, demanding P700, 000 from Dube for allegedly accusing her of witchcraft in front of his church.

"I got injured and my eardrum is not working (sic)," he says in the docket.

One lady friend recounted how she had been physically assaulted at Hunter; she called it quits after that.

Yet, many doctoral candidates at UVa had already imbibed a Marxist vision and narrative.

What impressed me about these Marxist students was not just their fanatical zeal and seriousness, but that they were far more “radical” and revolutionary than any of those stodgy Soviet Communists who then ruled Russia and who exercised control over Eastern Europe.

I had met some of those types as an exchange student in England a few years earlier—they parroted the Moscow Communist “line,” but would not have been caught dead advocating “sexual liberation” or same sex marriage, certainly not like those I encountered at UVa in the 1970s, or that we encounter today.

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The show organiser then, Thatayaone Matlapeng told Showbiz they paid R65, 000 for the super star and R30, 000 for another star, Sechaba, who shared the stage with Dube.