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Local aunties chat room

Again Brenda felt revolted by her body's reactions. She was in no way comfortable for her pussy to have been shaved. It was only as she moved that she felt a tightness within her vagina which strangely aroused her.

She had always associated women who shaved themselves 'there' as porn stars or prostitutes. Slowly Brenda stood up and walked toward the only door in the room. Brenda's could feel her fearful mind slowly losing a battle of wills.

They each stood looking at each other for what seemed an age.

She tugged again on one of the bars and suddenly felt herself becoming aroused again.

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Jake caught sight of Hailey and appeared taken aback by her prescience.

Brenda sensed a sudden nervousness in Jake's demeanour.

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She reached to her neck and ran her hands over the necklace, but could find no release catch.