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Lorenzo villoresi teint de neige online dating

It starts out with a nice tea note and transitions smoothly into a classic coumarin/lavender fougere.It's maybe a touch old fashioned but the term "classic" is probably more appropriate. Yes, tea, plenty of grassy and green notes mixed in a huge range of other herbal, floral ingredients, in Villoresi signature style that makes most of his releases really particular and unique. And powdery notes, mint, a little bit of green tea, some citrus notes... This perfume should come in a set con una bombilla y una calabaza. :) Y vienen la energia y las ideas filosoficas :)) I've never smelled Yerba mate tea, but I like the smell of this.Sadly this one, despite the nice name and the narrative gets overshadowed by such a strong dose of powder that it keeps on lacking something - the powder also is not a big blast of orris root, which could have been a nice feature given the overall earthy, herbal concept, but rather a dry cosmetic generica. Except for the opening..smelled herbal with a blast of mint, and maybe dried grass or hay.

Yerbamate is a very nice and complex fragrance with sweet and musky green start, woody and floral mid and finally musky earthy base.Drying with woodsy facets and a mossy point that enhances the smoky facet of tea and yerba mate, exactly as if you were smelling the smoke released mate, the smoke from the "la bombilla" (container where prepares) this drink is popular in much of South America: especially in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Rating: 7.5 I've been wearing LVYM for a week now, on and off.I think a flawless fragrance for daytime use and hot days. What stays on my skin after 8/10 hours is a very pleasant, mild,minty smell that ruls parallel to a graceful lavender. I am going to save the rest of the decanter for the summer, and then consider a FB.Online shops offers: Fragrance 2 items for 53.94 - 68.24 USDNotino DE-AT 3 items for 72.00 - 116.00 EURFragrance EUR 1 product for 91.79 EURFragrance 1 product for 106.99 USDView products...Yerbamate by Lorenzo Villoresi is a Aromatic Green fragrance for women and men. The nose behind this fragrance is Lorenzo Villoresi.

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