Medellin colombia women dating

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Medellin colombia women dating

Carlos Castaño Gil, as well as being wanted by the US for drug dealing, was also the leader of a far-right paramilitary organisation, AUC.

The claims will shock those who followed the terrifying years during which Escobar was on the loose and who believed the country's intelligence services were trying to put an end to the drug chief's murderous reign.

We got so close to him sometimes the cups of coffee would still be warm and you would hear the choppers taking off.

Policing chaos: A Colombian Army helicopter patrols in Bogota, Colombia (pictured in 1993), in the wake of several bombings which officials attributed to drug traffickers led by drug lord Pablo Escobar In jail, he cooperated with the authorities to secure the conviction of other Medellin members, studied for degrees and acted as a mentor for younger prisoners, encouraging them not to return to a life of crime on their release.

The 53-year-old, real name John Jairo Velasquez Vasquez, served a life sentence after admitting to killing 300 people and ordering the deaths of 3,000 more as he violently enforced Escobar's legendary reign of terror.After 22 years behind bars, Vasquez walked free in August 2014, escorted by 200 police in five vans and on 10 motorbikes - and admitting that he had 'an 80 per cent chance of me being killed.Twenty per cent chance of making it.'Vasquez then disappeared until earlier this month, when he reemerged with his own Facebook page and a mission to 'tell the true story while I still have breath.The Colombian, who is now in hiding fearing retribution from his victims' families, claims he is now ready to pen a tell-all memoir lifting the lid on his time in the Medellin Cartel, which left 600 police officers and thousands of civilians dead.Absolute power: Vasquez claims the infamous drug lord Escobar, who was gunned down by United States Drug Enforcement Administration agents in 1993 (pictured), was more powerful than anyone had ever imagined Inside man: In a new book called 'I Survived Pablo Escobar', Vasquez reveals that this former boss's £20billion fortune enabled him to take control of the country's intelligence agency, the Administrative Department of Security (DAS)But despite his part in the carnage, Vasquez insists his victims were all casualties of 'the war', claiming on his newly-opened Facebook page that he is no murderer, but that 'the circumstances make the man'.

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He said: 'If it were not for DAS, (presidential candidate) Dr Galan would not have died, without DAS (trade union leader) Jose Antequera would not have died, without DAS 107 people in the Avianca aeroplane would not have been killed.'At Escobar's palatial estate, the drug lord lived an extravagant lifestyle.