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Ontarios live sex chat

Two separate documents obtained by the Star — a revamped 240-page Health and Physical Education curriculum for Grades 1 to 8, and a new 218-page volume for Grades 9 to 12 — will roll out sex-ed material that isn’t so much explicit as explanatory.

No, it’s not dirty talk — just straight talk on sex, sexting, body parts, consent, mental health, and other life (or life-saving) skills for girls and boys.

A new sex-education curriculum, to be revealed Monday, will be the talk — and the teaching — in our schools starting this September. Five years after capitulating to a contrived outcry from political and social conservatives, the Liberal government is finally modernizing our embarrassingly outdated sex-ed curriculum.

This time, sources say, there will be no backing down from the badly needed update.

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That means teaching kids to assert themselves rather than remain silent, and to respect one another.

For all the looming hysteria, hypocrisy and hyperbole from hypersensitive critics, the updated curriculum isn’t all about sex or sexuality.

There is new material for students about the ins and outs of sexual consent — the importance of standing up for yourself instead of going to bed with someone.Opponents claim they don’t oppose sex education, just that parents should teach it at home — which sounds suspiciously like a home-schooling recipe for unravelling any class-based curriculum.And assumes that kids would cheerfully absorb parental lectures on the perils of oral sex (or that teenagers heed their parents about anything).Premier Kathleen Wynne is determined to go where Dalton Mc Guinty didn’t dare.When critics pounced, he renounced — shelving Wynne’s work as the education minister who oversaw the 2010 reforms.

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