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This authoritative textbook offers a comprehensive overview of human sexual behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective.

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With the concise presentation of material in the chapters, instructors have the option of incorporating these readings and helping students connect to issues occurring outside of the classroom.

From Texas, where men are men and sheep are nervous...

SAGE publishes a range of companion websites to provide online support to both faculty and students, including SAGE edge, which offers robust online environments featuring an array of tools and resources for review, study and further exploration.

Her knowledge in lifespan development and intimate relationships provides a fresh voice and unique approach–because of her expertise in areas such as love, intimacy, interpersonal relationships, and communication, she ably presents a holistic approach to the study of sexuality, an approach that recognizes that sex and sexuality encompass so much more than body parts and the acts of sex alone. Welch served her community as a Women’s and Maternal Health Specialist, and devoted her time to serving at-risk impoverished women in their childbearing years.

Her work in community clinics is evident as she sensitively describes diversity issues, men’s and women’s anatomy and physiology, changes associated with male and female puberty, pregnancy and childbirth, contraception options, and sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

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