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On New Year's the two eventually have a one-night stand at Steven's home.One night Jacky and Steven decides to hit a brothel together only to find out his ex-girlfriend Mavis has become a prostitute to get over him.Leslie promotes Steven to their Australia head office, but on the same night he finds Leslie cheating on Jennifer and beats him up.

Sean who is serious about Cat confesses his feelings to her but Cat doesn't care and rejects him by telling him she does not like to have a second go with a guy.

The movie follows three budding couples who frequent the Lan Kwai Fong nightlife: alcohol marketing distributor Steven, club manager Jacky, Lan Kwai Fong newbies (flight attendants) Jennifer and Jeana, local man eater Cat and lawyer Sean.

Steven and Jennifer: Jennifer and Jeana are introduced to the Lan Kwai Fong club scene by their friend and co-worker Lin Lin.

Sean and Cat: Lan Kwai Fong newbie, lawyer Sean is instantly drawn to club man eater Cat, but she has no interest in him.

Cat only cares about who she'll have sex with that night.

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With too much free time while waiting for my cat to be taken from shelter I recently refreshed myself some Hong Kong cat. most guys come there for naked breasts and raping scenes. Today I want to share with you few of my favourites and why I like them!

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