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Five years of service are indicated by a horizontal bar, embroidered in gold-colored thread; ten years by two bars; fifteen by three bars; twenty by a five-pointed star, embroidered in gold colored thread; twenty-five by one star and one bar and so-forth.An embroidered rendering of the flag of Chicago, its borders finished in gold-colored thread, is worn on the right shoulder sleeve.

Chicago detectives are not considered ranking officers, but rather officers assigned to specialized units, e.g.

The city is covered by three Detective Division Areas (North, Central, and South), each led by a Commander.

The Bureau of Patrol includes the twenty-two districts.

The Counterterrorism and Intelligence Division includes the Deployment Operations Center Section, the Intelligence Section, the Airport Law Enforcement Section, the Public Transportation Section, and the Bomb and Arson Section.

The Organized Crime Division includes the Narcotics Section, Gang Investigations Section, Gang Enforcement Section, Vice Control Section, and the Asset Forfeiture Unit.

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The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is the law enforcement agency of the U. city of Chicago, Illinois, under the jurisdiction of the City Council.