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Sex dating in bison oklahoma


At the end of the day, it is humans manifesting our arrogance that we have it all figured out, are smarter than mother nature and somehow know better than nature does about what’s good for us.” I agree with her opinion.

According to the news story, the grass is a genetically-modified version of Bermuda grass.

It’s higher protein and specifically designed to be better for feeding livestock, making hay, and withstanding fluctuations in weather. Thinking one of the pregnant heifers was possibly trying to have a calf, they raced to the field — only to find all the steers and heifers on the ground in agonizing pain. We can’t continue to assert that genetically-modified plants are safe, are contained to specific fields, are controlled.

But more often than not it is accomplished in laboratories through the marvel of biochemical engineering (either by using genetic-modification or chemicals to interrupt the expression of genes). Even if we all agree to label the Tifton 85 a “hybrid,” you still have to marvel that the creator of this grass variety didn’t think it would matter that a parent cultivar for their hybrid was a known cyanide-producing African grass.

Many grasses do this under stress, but the Tifton 85 was specifically bred not to.

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