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Sexy camaaro

And classic Porshe 911 looks stupid in street racing.My IMHO - I prefer ZAZ 968M over Porshe 911 and any american car over japanese.

I mean UG2 you start of with a 206 and end with a EVO. ) Yep just like I thought the background cars from the tuning part of the brz in the E3 gameplay vid. And someone suggested that voting isn't allowed to vote until its released. v=L9WOicj48g Y Correct me if I have made any mistakes I have never uploaded cars onto igcd befor There are some more cars that I cant tell what they are and there are some better shots of the cars that I uploaded... All these car are confirmed ingame : BMW M3 E46 BMW M3 E30 BMW M4 Ford Mustang GT Ford Mustang 1965 Honda S2000 Lamborghini Huracan Lamborghini Diablo SV Mazda RX7 Spirit R Mitsubishi Evo MR Nissan 180sx Type-X Nissan Silvia Spec-R Nissan Skyline GTR 1971 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Subaru BRZ Premium Toyota Supra SZ-R And like Enzo96 said the S2000 is one of them just check : cars in the new gameplay video showcasing Five Ways To Play. I find it unlikely, But as said, Most cars are confirmed. Both of which revolved around Japanese, And a few European, cars and were great games. Honestly, I kinda expected a Cayman, but the new GT4 is definitely unexpected. Nice, all those 12 year olds will rape this classic beauty by making it a donk Seriously though, the car list seems nice. cars I'd like to see (even though I can't drive them) are a Mc Laren F1, Silvia S14, 350Z, Celica, RX-7 Savanna, And this is totally random for Need for Speed, Nissan Stagea. The called it "The Most In Depth Customization In Need for Speed History". Now i own a PS4 and its like you play a PS3 - with more Rain. My favorite need for speed game ("High Stakes" btw.) didnt have customization aswell and i was cool with it. The Tachometer shows 170, but you can see a stock Volvo 240 racing off to the horizon while you struggle to overtake a traffic car. But there is a little trick: If you drift on the straight aways, you almost automatically gain 1st place, because AI doesnt drift on straights. The cut scenes are a bit boring but i still love them because thats what Need for Speed is. I am still disappointed they dont include these showcase videos anymore. Next game will be called "Need for Speed: Heavy Rain".Like you said its an opinion, for me a ZAZ is a death trap that if it functions and tuners/imports are my last option. And no, I think I've got everything from the new trailer.911 is a car culture icon and that 73 is my favorite. I also just watched Black Panthaas new breakdown video. I'll be checking, But I think I got it for all of the new cars in it.I hopefully neednt to find it, because I have it in my PC.It just annoys me that developers are ignoring old games, like they never been.

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Underground cars were basically modern everyday cars which got boring eventually (no classic cars at all . Just imagine yourself beating a hurucan in a custom old 911 or whatever u like. Totally missed the Lamborghinis and Fox Body Mustang. Not necessarily because you are buying the car from the dealership as a 180sx type x , it's just turns into Sileighty with a conversion kit you buy in a tuning shop.

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