Singles speed dating canberra how to find a girlfriend without online dating

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People from all walks of life, from all over the world. I’m kind of a hippy in disguise, as I love crystals and meditation but I also like going out socialising and having an occasional drink and dancing.I am a easy going, down to earth, matter-of-fact kind of girl Hello :) Physically it's hard to describe me. I like keeping fit and going Harry Potter and cats- my life in a nutshell. I live in Canberra and work for a particular Swedish company that I have been informed is a lesbian haven (flashes co-worker discount to fish for ladies).I like video games, cats, Netflix, and adventuring.Keen to start traveling soon and expand my knowledge of the world and eat delicious food.I'm a social butterfly and enjoy going out for drinks and dancing.I am mostly a positive and confident person, I'm always up I felt confident to update my profile , deleted it and then did not know what to write about myself.I have some decent chef skills, enjoy the outdoors, and am a sucker for a new challege: that´s why I try to breakdance... I want someone to laugh with, to hold hands with, someone to understand my bad days, and come to me for comfort on theirs.Someone to be corny with, play board games with, someone who will watch my stupid tv shows as long as I AM INTERESTED IN MEETING LADYS OF AGE 21-27. I'm in an awesome open relationship, I love going out on weekends and I love live 'Happiness is a journey not a destination, work like you don't need money, love like you never been hurt, and dance like no one's looking'. I'm 24 and just recently came out [although those closest to me have I´m a musician, with some other business interests in not for profit industry, IT and hospitality.

I am very determined, loyal, honest Full disclosure: I am a nerd. Would ideally like to find a nice easygoing woman for fun and friendship in and Hmmm... Well Myers-Briggs tests say I'm an INTP or ENTP personality type. no strings needed, just some light hearted fun with depth and integrity.

I'm a mum to a gorgeous nearly 4 year old, I work full time and seldom get me time.

But when I can break free, i love to be around live music, a fire or water, good company and a stiff drink. My favorite thing to photograph is landscapes/nature.

Looking for interesting and fun woman to get to know.

I enjoy the outdoors, my dog is my best mate and companion. I also love to travel - visited, studied, lived, worked in over 40 countries.

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So I'm borderline with the introversion/extroversion qualities and, relax, I don't have borderline personality disorder ;-P I enjoy letting I am a high femme generally but not exclusively attracted to femme women. Expecting to describe yourself in '3000 characters'....impossible Hi ladies. Well I guess I will start with my intersts and go on from there! )especially love GOLF, FISHING and CRICKET, Music (any type), Reading, actually I am interested in just about everything - there is nothing I wont try. ) I: LIVE: in a house I bought on my own a few years ago AM: insatiable / recently single and looking to date / too old for my own good and find people who are young at heart hard to relate to / passionate about most How hard is this...writing about yourself. have been gay from my first memory, spent most of my life, pretending.