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I think there were like two scenes in the entire game that became frustrating briefly, but I made it through them within a few tries.

One was the space battle against the Vox, and the other I don’t recall.

I was overall thoroughly satisfied with the graphical experience.

Difficulty 7/10 The majority of the game was “too easy”.

It felt like I was almost breezing through the game.

Some repeat deaths in a few key areas, but for the most part it was to easy.

Overall I felt there were enough flaws in it to warrant an 8 out of 10, but overall I was still fully satisfied with the voice acting quality. Some of the “timing” on the voice acting was also off, just with the way the scenes played out overall, but the voice acting was still executed very well. At first I was a little “put off” by the graphics, and felt the game was not going to be as graphically inclined.

– There are also situations in certain waves where enemies don’t want to spawn for awhile.

Like if you kill 1-2 enemies, sometimes certain ones just don’t want to spawn.

Then if you switch to 1999 mode, it was “too hard”.

Overall I feel the difficulty experience in and of itself could have been retooled and done a lot better.

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I consider this game very high quality, and I definitely recommend it.

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