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We continued sprinting toward the Ouyang Ford at Sand River.

We crossed a bridge and came to a village where bent, famished peasants were queuing up for the day’s work.

There were many other people there, waiting to be questioned. I just had a feeling you would come here.” It was a miracle, one of the strangest things in my life.

Xiangzai and I were separated, but I could see him. The winter night was damp and cold, and we had nowhere to go. In 1958, with Shanghai engulfed in the Great Leap Forward, this famous, elegant boulevard looked like a construction site.

The policemen sat down at another table, keeping an eye on us.

I quickly slipped the five hundred yuan back to Mother.

A big sturdy man popped out of a corner and grabbed me. I realized they were plainclothes policemen and that I had walked straight into a trap. Let us eat before we go.” Mother also insisted on eating first, and the policemen relented.

I told the waiter to bring another bowl and pair of chopsticks and asked Mother to sit down with us.

According to our plan, we turned east on the main road and arrived at the county seat of Guangde, twenty miles southeast of the camp, by nightfall.Before I had fallen asleep, a public security officer walked over and asked to see our documents.Unable to produce any, we were taken to the police office at the train station.There, we bought some food and rested for a while, before continuing our escape through the night by the light of the moon and stars, heading east over the border into Zhejiang Province. They wanted to tell us to give ourselves up but knew we wouldn’t listen.Walking another twenty miles, we reached the town of Si’an at a.m., took a bus to Jiaxing, and then boarded a train to Shanghai, arriving at the North Station in the evening. On the other hand, if they helped us with money and we were captured, we would be severely punished, and they would be implicated.

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At this moment, I was filled with a powerful determination and, taking advantage of a short lapse in the attention of the police, stood up and fled the station out to the road, disappearing among the pedestrians. By this time, it was around midnight, and there were no police in sight. But I was young and ignorant in the ways of the Public Security Bureau and wanted to see Mother one last time. I was about to accuse Mother of betraying us there and then but, tempering myself, realized that the problem probably lay with our arrest the previous evening. Having decided to return to the camp and plan another escape, I brought the policemen with me to the coffeehouse.

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