Tyga dating nicki minaj

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According to several reports, the “It’s Me” rapper has found himself communicating with Kylie through her Instagram direct messages — also known as DMs — and things are said to be heating up between the duo, adds that Meek Mill started it all by liking dozens of Kylie’s photos.Even when the 29-year-old was still seeing his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, it was very notable that Mill had a thing for Kylie considering an extensive number of pictures he would like of the 19-year-old.By all tabloid accounts, Team Kardashian does not approve of Rob’s new gal.In January, big sis Khloe reportedly kicked Rob out of her house after finding Blac Chyna there, believing her to be “preying on him” (TMZ’s words).Shortly thereafter, Tyga began dating a then-underage Kylie Jenner (little sister of Rob).After a brief, embarrassing tryst with the rapper Future, where Blac Chyna got his name tattooed on her hand only to be dumped via social media, she got together with Kylie’s big bro, presumably to get back at the father of her child.

She met Tyga in 2011, and the two began dating, had a son—King Cairo Stevenson—and got engaged, before splitting in 2014.

She hasn’t ended the romance just yet, but with Meek Mill openly wanting to form a relationship with Kylie, Jenner may very well be considering her options at this given point.

What do you make of Meek Mill and Kylie Jenner potentially getting together?

In fact, Kylie is even alleged to have given Meek Mill her phone number, indicating that she is willing to entertain the rapper’s flirtatious behavior, especially now that she’s supposedly on the verge of splitting with Tyga. He’s always thought she was super hot; in fact, it was a source of contention between him and Nicki,” an insider tells the outlet.

“Nicki would get all jealous and say, ‘She doesn’t want yo old a**!

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