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Diversity: Our online classes are full of people just like you: stay-at-home parents, mid-level managers, busy executives, empty nesters, single parents, budding entrepreneurs.

Here, students come from all walks of life to learn and improve their lives through education.

They’re in tune with current trends in their field and incorporate them into the coursework.

You’re able to benefit from their first-hand industry knowledge and real-world experiences in their field.

And our Career Services staff is ready to help you when it’s time to apply for an internship or a new job.By incorporating chat, email, mobile devices, and popular social networking sites into your online university experience, you can make education an active, engaging part of your everyday life.Current students and alumni can stay connected, receive updates, and offer their own input with CTU’s social communities: In addition, for three years in a row, U. News & World Report recognized CTU’s online bachelor’s degree programs as Best Online Program for Veterans.In addition to knowledgeable instructors and a community of like-minded students, CTU’s online university experience includes interactive technology that makes learning accessible for a diverse student body.One of the biggest benefits of attending an online university is that it can be tailored your lifestyle.

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Course Home: See the latest announcements for your online course, which you can read, save, or dismiss to stay organized To Do List: View and sort your upcoming tasks Live Chats: Find out when your next interactive lecture is scheduled, log into live chats, or access a previous lecture Assignments: View the assignment list and sort by type, assignment, or due date; select an assignment and get everything you need to complete it all in one place; and follow a link to the class discussion board where you can engage with your instructor and your classmates Resources: Easily view your bookshelf with all of the e-books for your current and previous courses; conveniently check out all of the additional resources you may need; access CTU’s virtual library that offers e-books, online databases, and research guides for all of our online degree programs Grades: Track your grades any time during your course and view your gradebook for a detailed breakdown of how you’re doing so far, including a link to instructor feedback on completed assignments Classmates: See everyone who is taking the class with you, get their contact information, track a group, mark and view favorites, and even tag classmates with keywords Site Menu: From here, you can get tools that will help make staying in touch even easier, including a messenger app, general school contact information, a list of contacts in every department, and a link to trending discussions happening throughout the CTU community It's all pretty amazing, and, since it's better to experience it than simply read about it, we invite you to take our Virtual Classroom tour.