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why not just buy 2 rt-ac68u , run 1 as the router and wifi and the other in another location running in ap mode and connected back to the main router via ethernet , will cost you about the same and you will have far better coverage Hi All, So I bought this modem yesterday from MSY for 9.

It is to replace my Netgear N600 that I think died. I had an initial problem with setup when I used all 8 Ethernet ports and one that connected to my laptop.

the 8 ports is going to make one big footprint though the bonding is a nice feature that many will never use though it does have some big claims like over 100MB/s use read speeds and 1800mbps wan to lan the wifi is a 1733M on steroids with a qam tweak to give it up to 2167M sync on 5 gig and 1000M on 2.4 gig i must admit im a little confused as to what part of the market this unit is aimed at considering asus also have the rt-ac5300 in production as well the wifi coverage im going to guess wont be any greater than the 68u and 87u as they are both at max eirp eg max permitted transmission power levels so unless asus have invented a new way to get the wifi to go further with the same restrictions i wouldnt get to excited about the coverage claims , mind you if beamforming is improved it may seems to give better coverage it certainly looks the part :) ------------------- just noticed RT-AC88U owners get the basic WTFast TM solution free, without ads.

The free version is limited to accelerating one device at a time, and includes WTFast TM technical support.

Often these receivers are built to only support the audio component of Air Play, much like Air Tunes.

Bluetooth devices (headsets, speakers) that support the A2DP profile also appear as Air Play receivers when paired with an i OS device, although Bluetooth is a device-to-device protocol that does not rely on a wireless network access point.

I have a Netgear N600 modem/router and need a stronger wi-fi signal to bridge across the entire floor.

The protocol supports metadata packets that determine the final output volume on the receiving end.

This makes it possible to always send audio data unprocessed at its original full volume, preventing sound quality deterioration due to reduction in bit depth and thus sound quality which would otherwise occur if changes in volume were made to the source stream before transmitting.

Very impressive product from what i can read so far :) will probably appeal to the Gaming / Home Office with a NAS and Wireless etc all in one, something that hasn't been seen on a domestic grade router.

personally think Asus have listened to there loyal customers and place the 8 port switch into its offerings.

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