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Updating ecdis dvd

AVCS customers receive ENC updates on a weekly basis through four available means: CD, DVD, e-mail or download.

It is essential that updates are installed regularly to comply with SOLAS Chapter V requirements, ensure proper operation of the ECDIS and navigate safely.

All ENCs in the Admiralty Vector Chart Service can be picked on a chart-by-chart basis as individual ENC cells.

Ensuring that every AVCS customer receives a complete and up-to-date set of data on board is essential to remaining SOLAS Chapter V compliant.

AVCS customers receive ENC updates via e-mail, download or a shipped CD or DVD, on a weekly basis.

Automatically, new ENCs are added to folio holdings as soon as they become available, ensuring that ships always have the up-to-date data reflecting their chosen level of coverage.

Alternatively, all ENCs within AVCS are available on an individual, chart-by-chart basis providing precise coverage and voyage flexibility when necessary.

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