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Who is melissa from the bachelor dating

Some will be lucky enough to have one-on-one dates with Aaron, but others will not — which naturally sparks some jealousy in the Ladies' Villa.

Aaron's friends Melissa and Ryan (siblings to each other) arrive at the Ladies' Villa, and move in for a few days, to get the inside scoop on the ladies.

Here’s what happened this week on ’s 22nd season, Arie invites Becca K., a brunette publicist from Minnesota, to “hold on tight.” After the date card is read, the women all squee in unison which only gets louder as Arie rolls up on a motorcycle, tousles his hair, and greets his squad with a sly smile and a “’Sup?” The women all die and that’s the end of Season 22 of .Becca jumps on the back of Arie’s motorcycle before the women can surround them and Arie whisks her away.Aaron's close friends, Ryan and Melissa (siblings), move into the guest house at the Ladies' Villa to learn more about the ten women that Aaron is dating.Their observations and interactions will help him determine the women with whom he is most compatible.

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Namely, that she has another man in her life — her son.